Building Process

Building A Custom Stick Built Home On Your Land: Our Simple Process

A traditional home buying experience involves purchasing the land and the home together. Finding the house of your dreams in the location of your dreams can seem almost impossible. At Red Door Homes, we are making having both a reality for East Tennessee residents. See if we build in your county .

  1. Make a Trip to Our Showroom

    Red Door Homes KnoxvilleIf you like what you see on the website, take a trip to our showroom in Knoxville, TN.

  2. Select Floorplan and Personalize It

    We have a selection of 20 floor plans to choose from with four elevations available for each home. That gives you 80 different home variations to choose from. Then the fun starts as you get to decide on the features to add or upgrade in your home to customize it to your tastes.

    Our floor plans start at $115,682!

  3. Find Land

    If you do not have land, we can recommend a reputable local realtor.  If you have land we will conduct a complimentary Lot Evaluation to ensure the plan you have chosen is compatible. The lot evaluation is also required to create the final cost estimate.

  4. Enjoy a Free Cost Estimate

    We offer a FREE Cost Estimate for the floorplan & upgrades you select for your new home.  This will assist in understanding what you can afford or to adjust your plans to work within your budget.

  5. Secure Financing

    Red Door Homes works with many mortgage lenders, banks and credit unions as well as Farm Credit. The loan you will need to get depends on the property you have, or are purchasing, and your individual needs. We will be happy to match you up with the perfect solution to your financing needs.

  6. Construction Loan Closing

    Once financing is secured your construction loan will close.  This event puts the Pre-Construction of your home into motion.  Plans become more finalized, permits begin to be processed and purchase orders are fine-tuned for your home.

  7. Pre-Construction Meeting

    You will meet with a member of our Production Department to review your plans which have been designed around your specific requests. This plan is unique to you and reflects the items that you chose when you completed your Purchase Agreement. The plans will be explained in detail so that you understand them. All of your questions will be answered. We believe you should be well informed through the entire process.

  8. Construction Begins

    Watch your home be built on your lot by Red Door Homes.  This is a 120 to 180 day process from start to finish depending on the home that you selected and the extent of its finishes.

  9. Learn How to Use Your Home

    Once your home is complete and a Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the inspection office, Red Door Homes completes a thorough Quality Control Checklist and finishes the home 100% for presentation to its owners.  The New Home Demonstration is scheduled four to five business days prior to move-in.  At this time we have an opportunity to introduce you to the features of your home, show you how they operate and also check the home to make sure it meets your expectation.  If any items are left to be addressed they are completed over the next few days and then you move into a home that is 100% complete.

  10. Move-In

    Once your home has been completed to the satisfaction of you and Red Door Homes its time for the big day.  Move in your belongings and start living the life you imagined in your new home!