Tennessee Gear Giveaway!

Tennessee Gear Giveaway!

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Enter to WIN Exclusive New NIKE UT Gear & More... 

Now through June 30th, 2015 you'll have the chance to win 4 pieces of Tennessee swag and enter to win a $200 Grand Prize Gift Card to Alumni Hall for the NEW NIKE UT Gear, being exclusively released on July 2nd!

Enter with a few easy steps! 

Over the next few weeks we'll be posting 4 pictures on Twitter with a hidden Vols item in each. To WIN that item you must follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Follow Us on Twitter

Search for @reddoorhomestn on Twitter and give us a Follow!

Step 2 - Play "Where's Waldo?"... Vols Style!

Find the hidden UT items, then send us a Direct Message with your name and the location of the hidden item. 

Step 3 - Win UT Gear

Each week, those with the correct location of the item will have their name entered into the weekly giveaway...

Winners of the 4 hidden items will have their names put into a drawing to WIN the Grand Prize $200 Gift Card.

Step 4 - Win a $200 Gift Card to Alumni Hall

On June 30th all 4 winners will have the opportunity to win the Grand Prize - a $200 Gift Card to Alumni Hall. Use this gift card to purchase the NEW Vols Gear from NIKE... being exclusively released on July 2nd!

Why the NEW NIKE Gear is Exclusive... 

In January of 2014 Tennessee Athletics announced that following their Adidas partnership, they would be entering a "department wide apparel agreement" with Nike. Tennessee's agreement with Adidas runs through June 30.