Warranties don't sell homes, they create trust.

Red Door Homes of Tennessee offers home owners a warranty on each home purchased.  Your builder has formed a relationship with the one of America's largest insurance organizations,  Professional Warranty Service Corporation, (PWC).

Home Buyer Advantages

We provide our buyers with an express 10-year limited warranty. In the unlikely event that we cannot perform our obligations under the warranty; our insurer will be there to assume responsibility for our performance... at no cost to you. Most other insured warranty programs require a consumer deductible, so even if your repair is covered, it still costs you money.

  • Our insurer is the strongest in the industry
  • Warranty is transferable to new owner upon home sale
  • Underwriter Zurich North America is rated "A+" by a leading rating service
  • Includes binding arbitration to settle disputes quickly without excessive expense

The Warranty

There are three distinct home protect warranty periods:

Year 1: Workmanship and materials defects as defined by the warranty document.

Year 2: Major systems (exclusive of appliances and items of equipment) including wiring, piping, ductwork and specified structural elements.

(Note: The builder is responsible for making all warranted repairs in years one and two, however there is insurance, up to the original sales price of the home to make those repairs in the event the builder is unwilling or unable to perform his warranty obligations).

Years 3-10: The builder warrants the home against covered structural failures. The insurer assumes the builder's warranty obligations during this period.

For more information on our warranty program offered through Professional Warranty Service Corporation, (PWC) , contact Red Door Homes of Eastern Tennessee

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